Bandwidth Prediction in Low-Latency Chunked Streaming

Abdelhak Bentaleb*     Christian Timmerer     Ali C. Begen§     Roger Zimmermann*    
*National University of Singapore     Universität Klagenfurt     § Özyegin University


HTTP adaptive streaming with chunked transfer encoding can be used to offer low-latency streaming without sacrificing the coding efficiency. While this allows a media segment to be generated and delivered at the same time, which is critical in reducing the latency, the conventional bitrate adaptation schemes make often grossly inaccurate bandwidth measurements due to the presence of idle periods between the chunks. These wrong measurements cause the streaming client to make bad adaptation decisions. To this end, we design ACTE, a new bitrate adaptation scheme that leverages the unique nature of chunk downloads. ACTE uses a sliding window to accurately measure the available bandwidth and an online linear adaptive filter to predict the bandwidth into the future. Results show that ACTE achieves 96% measurement accuracy, which translates to a 65% reduction in the number of stalls and a 49% increase in quality of experience on average compared to other schemes.


Bandwidth Prediction in Low-Latency Chunked Streaming
Abdelhak Bentaleb, Christian Timmerer, Ali C. Begen, and Roger Zimmermann
In of the 29th ACM Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video. (NOSSDAV'19), 2019 [pdf] [ACM DL] [Mhv Talk] [Press]



Christian Timmerer

Universität Klagenfurt

Ali C. Begen